Love gold?

KMC x9L gold

Suffering rain and mud and stones and dust and logs and then have to jump happily at the touch of a button; it’s a hard life being a chain. Expected to bounce faultlessly over the rocks and then withstand huge tension from my third of a horsepower, well maybe a quarter, we only complain about chains when they let us down.

After trying lots of different chains at different price points from different manufacturers I tried KMC for the first time last year. More expensive, even with a discount, I hoped it would last more than my average three months to justify the extra cost and a year on it still runs perfectly.

My chain checker shows that it has not stretched out to the 0.75 mark and only some of the gold plating has worn away. Used with Rock and Roll Gold it has been completely ignored except for an odd clean and lube as it has been perfect.

Not everyone likes the titanium nitride colour, as has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions, or has the right bike colour but just for you there is another option, something dull… to match your bike.

It is quite light, equivalent to Sram high end chain weight, it sheds mud easily but needs the open inner plate clean when re-lubing, it accepts chain cleaner thrashing without complaint and the link can be re-used.

I used to prefer Sram chains (link) but found more recent Shimano sets grumbled less with a Shimano chain and changed smoother under load. I have not tried it with a Sram set up of cassette and rear mech but it seems better in changing and reduced noise compared to the Shimano chain.

It is not the lube, which I like very much, (dry, mud free, see other article) just the chain.

Recommended? – yes, marks – 10, buy another? – waiting in a little box on the side already.


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