Saturday Play Day

Dry conditions and a few keen faces are all that is required to make a day of obstacles and jumps. I started with corner radius and faces turned. ” I ride a bike, I know corners! the faces said”

We then did berms for checking the correct lines and put the two together. Amazingly everyone improved going around corners without late braking. Hurrah less maintenance. A few unknown riders rode past displaying the object of the lesson and faces smiled with their newly revealed skills.

Next was tight corners and reading the real trail. Everyone eventually got that the trail is 3D and not the middle of the flat bit on the ground. Everyone improved again.

Moving on the bike next. Stand up, lean back to unweight the front, do not fall off over logs. A bigger rollover and everyone got faster and seemed to feel the advantage of moving the bike and leaving the saddle.

We ran the whole trails with everything joined up and we all got better; especially me.

Little jumps and my favourite tiny log. We covered all the basics of landing front wheel, back wheel and flat and eventually moved up a little in height. Within an hour everyone had earned their wings. Some were better at steering, some in the air and some got the acceleration knack easier but everyone got big air.There were a slip and mishap and a squeal of brakes and one tumble. Chris jumped really high, really high!, landed and then tumbled towards a tree. He missed the tree but rolled over on the ground with a helmet dent and a graze on the shoulder. This was really my mistake as I should have curtailed his enthusiasm a little but he was a really fast improver and learned to jump high very quickly.

Everyone completed a few more bits including overcoming the Witches Table and Tank traps before turning for home.

Next stage for everyone will be advance training in tailwhips, gaps and somersaults presumably. I will try and arrange something as a group event with Jimbo on this shortly and ask him for a discount day special.


One thought on “Saturday Play Day

  1. When ate you likely to do this sort of thing again. I could do with some help in the air and the ground and the bit combing the two.


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