Brake pads

I have been trying different brake pads over the last few weeks as I bought some ceramic pads (Brake Authority) just to try. I fitted ceramic to the rear and left original sintered on the front. I did try and bed the pads correctly by entertaining the small children in the street by riding up and down braking repeatedly and feeling a little foolish.

On riding the rear brake was great. Late braking with a slew was easy and the additional ‘bite’ was useful when misjudging a corner. Changing ceramic to the front was more difficult and threw me over the bars first time. Braking was improved but tyre adhesion became critical and I had to change tyres to feel safe. I had to brake harder on the rear to balance with the ceramics and that caused the brakes to wear quickly, about twice as fast as usual.

I have now tried new sintered pads on the rear to estimate wear but I like the ceramic pads. Rotor wear looks minimal, wet squeal is about the same, pad wear seems excellent, initial bite is not too severe and modulation within reasonable expectations but that may be my brakes too.

Photos show difference in wear and if your pads look like the first you are changing them a little late as my braking had disappeared by this stage.

So apologies if you have been riding behind me and I have using just the front brake or just the rear or sliding uncontrollably on every corner however the answer may be to buy new pads and ceramic may be worth a little extra.


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