Tuesday night rides

Each week the regular Tuesday riders receive a prompt to come and ride. These can vary from begging letter to wild promises of new snow, no snow, dry trails, freedom of rain guarantee or even a song like this.

I posted the real lyrics below to help you sing along.

Ash did.

He sang the song to his wife.

She took away his beer.

So if you want to come along and sing tonight be there at 7pm

There’s a reason for the sunshine sky’s
There’s a reason why I’m feeling so high

Must be the season when the trails are dry all around us

So let that feeling grab you deep inside

And send you racing where your fear can’t hide
And then go riding through the moonlit night like no other

Just let your ride flow like a mountain stream

And let your fun grow with the smallest of things

And let the brakes go and you’ll know what I mean it’s the season

Let the bike fly like a bird on a wing

And let it take you past dangerous things

And let your heart sing and you’ll know what I mean that’s the reason.


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