Culture for mountain bikers

The-Art-of-Falling-oil-on-canvas-2007Art for Art’s sake and money for God’s sake goes the tune but this art is free. John rides Tuesday and Thursday and finds time to be creative in between cleaning the mud from the bike.

He has an exhibition on at Ropetackle in Shoreham ( until June.  His website is

I chose this painting as it is titled the Art of Falling which is a subject well known to all of us. I have only reached craft level of falling which is roughly GCSE but with extra practice during summer I expect to improve towards journeyman. This is falling and jumping back on quickly and hoping nobody notices.

Obviously if John falls now we expect full on grace and elegance and he is not allowed to fall on his own as we need to be nearby to appreciate the art.

There are lots of other paintings on the website including more that are bike related but may be quite difficult to spot.

Amazingly we have a rider with talent…


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