Trail pixies and trail gremlins

WP_20140111_002 If you have stored your bike safely on the garage wall for the duration of the winter you may not be familiar with the current trail conditions. You may have opted for the black stuff and lycra or even joined a gym but if you still are out riding the non-quiche stuff then you know the dry trails of summer and autumn have been lost to memory. Continue reading


Off the bike

It’s really about motivation. This year several riders have had a fall that has forced time off the bike but most are back in the saddle – except me. Collapsed lungs, broken ribs, broken wrists and Alex and his famous attempt of head landing are all much more serious than me hurting a little finger but it takes ages to heal, even a little.WP_20131123_002

I have sat about a bit, looked at some bike bits and sort of waited. I have become an expert at dropping things including phones, lights, tools, cups and sugar jars. I am rubbish with a set of tyre levers. Rubbish at removing tyres that is but brilliant at random firings in all directions so you have been warned. Continue reading

Dog Bite

A backward course, a long spell of dry weather, less singletrack and an early climb – a change for better or worse?

TuesdaIMG_3815y prior Tom was lead on a rough guide to the course. Dry, slippery in places due to the dust and riding up nice downhills raised a few complaints. Thursday night ran part of the course again with different faces, a slower pace and the lack of fun seemed apparent. Friday was a trundle with Chris Noble in greasy conditions on Michelin Dry 2 tyres. Flick and slip and slide and trouble. Down Coldean some damp roots and a tree produced a bad dislocation. Adding to all the other injured riders this year I could not even claim a speed or bravery badge as compensation.  Continue reading


Mark xrayMark M has help to set off alarms at airports due to riding much too fast and dropping nearly everyone behind.

Luckily it is not as if he has to go through airports every day or anything like that………..

Culture for mountain bikers

The-Art-of-Falling-oil-on-canvas-2007Art for Art’s sake and money for God’s sake goes the tune but this art is free. John rides Tuesday and Thursday and finds time to be creative in between cleaning the mud from the bike.

He has an exhibition on at Ropetackle in Shoreham ( until June.  His website is

I chose this painting as it is titled the Art of Falling which is a subject well known to all of us. I have only reached craft level of falling which is roughly GCSE but with extra practice during summer I expect to improve towards journeyman. This is falling and jumping back on quickly and hoping nobody notices.

Obviously if John falls now we expect full on grace and elegance and he is not allowed to fall on his own as we need to be nearby to appreciate the art.

There are lots of other paintings on the website including more that are bike related but may be quite difficult to spot.

Amazingly we have a rider with talent…

Tuesday night rides

Each week the regular Tuesday riders receive a prompt to come and ride. These can vary from begging letter to wild promises of new snow, no snow, dry trails, freedom of rain guarantee or even a song like this.

I posted the real lyrics below to help you sing along.

Ash did.

He sang the song to his wife.

She took away his beer.

So if you want to come along and sing tonight be there at 7pm

There’s a reason for the sunshine sky’s
There’s a reason why I’m feeling so high

Must be the season when the trails are dry all around us

So let that feeling grab you deep inside

And send you racing where your fear can’t hide
And then go riding through the moonlit night like no other

Just let your ride flow like a mountain stream

And let your fun grow with the smallest of things

And let the brakes go and you’ll know what I mean it’s the season

Let the bike fly like a bird on a wing

And let it take you past dangerous things

And let your heart sing and you’ll know what I mean that’s the reason.

Facts about Fat

IMG_3772You can ride a bike fast, chase people up hills so by default you are healthy – maybe carrying a few extra pounds but you can ride so you must be in better shape than your average Jo.

Not necessarily – If your diet has a lot of the ‘bad’ stuff and not so much of the good, your insides might not be in as good a shape as you think. Continue reading