Orange is the new black

Buying a new bike should be… Continue reading


The unlucky badge

Some riders think that thirteen is an unlucky number and as Carl led out and Toby ran sweeper I looked around to spot the likely candidate. Straight into the first trail and then a quick push up the the incline, change down ready to restart and chain jumps off and jams firmly. As the other riders rode off ahead I had found the unlucky rider of the night. Continue reading

Peaty’s Steel Cith DH


SomeJDP_7034 time ago I rode my first downhill race. I don’t consider myself a competitive cyclist. In the past I have been though, racing everything from sprints on the velodrome to 12 hour mountain bike endurance races. In general, I don’t bother with racing now, but Peaty’s Steel City is a pretty special race, and worth an exception.

Peaty’s Steel City DH is a Downhill race held in Greno Woods, Sheffield. Championed by the mountain bike legend that is Steve Peat himself, and organised by a dedicated team of volunteers, I had heard great things from previous years of this event. You have to be on the ball to get a space. With only 300 entries available overall, the Senior Mens’ category is usually filled within an hour or so, and none of the other cats take much longer to reach full capacity. But this indiscriminate exclusivity is a key ingredient for the super cool feel of this event. In common with many other of the best UK bike races, it is a collective event, with all profits from entry and sales being put back into the local trail scene.  Continue reading

Great day for me as it was filled with familiar faces watching, riding, racing and some even standing upon the podium. Damp trails ready to dry out promised a slip or two and WP_20140816_002
The start saw a few regular Brightonmtb riders ready at the back for a long solo ride and even a few right at the front with the pro boys – maybe the course reversal had confused them. Continue reading